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Luke Fredericks

Big Games Magazine is a really great service. It tells you all of the latest information and news regarding games so that you don't have to do the research yourself. I always use them when I want a new game!

Erin Lewis

I love getting all the latest video games but I can never be bothered to do the research to find them. Big Games Magazine is awesome because it lets you know the top games and gives reviews too!

Amy Rufus

Big Games Magazine is the best service i've found this year. My son loves gaming but I havent a clue which is best. The site tells me the top games, I buy them and my son is happy!

Contacting Game

Gaming is a passion which last forever!

It doesn’t fade away, in fact, it grows more and more with age. The gaming scenarios have changed over the last two decades and the technology has evolved overtime. From the time of cassette gaming which offered 8 bit games that were small enough to fit in a few bytes of data to the era of Play Station and XBox. Things have changed for the better over the period of time.

There has been significant improvement in the graphics of video games. They have become much more realistic, thrilling and cool enough to give the gamer an adrenaline rush. The technology evolved over time to offer motion powered gaming in the form of Kinect by Microsoft. The gaming world is a world of its own! With tons of game manufacturers luring players to try hands on their creations, it becomes very difficult to make a choice. Here is how you can choose which game is worth playing and which ones can be avoided! Read More...