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Luke Fredericks

Big Games Magazine is a really great service. It tells you all of the latest information and news regarding games so that you don't have to do the research yourself. I always use them when I want a new game!

Erin Lewis

I love getting all the latest video games but I can never be bothered to do the research to find them. Big Games Magazine is awesome because it lets you know the top games and gives reviews too!

Amy Rufus

Big Games Magazine is the best service i've found this year. My son loves gaming but I havent a clue which is best. The site tells me the top games, I buy them and my son is happy!

Big Games Magazine

Are you a game fanatic or know someone who is? Are you always scouring the net for the latest games and release dates as well as the coolest gaming consoles out there? Well don't you think that it would be great if someone else could do the searching for you so that you can be left to spend your time playing your favorite games?

Here at Big Games Magazine we do exactly that for you! We have a team of super cool game lovers who spend their time scouring the net and speaking with our top secrets contacts to find you the very latest updates in the gambling world. We have contacts with the very best of games creators so when there is something new being brought out or even in the middle of being created, we know about it!


Top-secret previews!

We get to have top-secret information on the new games and what is even better is once the games are completed we get to try them out before anyone else! It's not a bad job for our game lovers here, getting paid to play games all day every day! You may thin it is a little unfair that we get to have a play before the rest of the game lovers community but there is a reason to this madness. Occasionally, and I mean very occasionally there is a pretty pants game that is released. If you were to see it advertised, think it looked pretty awesome and then spend your hard earned time and money purchasing you would expect it be as awesome as it looks. If you get it home and realize that it is one of the worst games that you have ever played you're going to be a little bit disappointed aren't you? Well that is where we come in! We play the games before everyone else so that we can then review them and give you our honest, experienced and independent opinions. If we say it is a great game then let me tell you, it is a great game, and vice versa! You can certainly trust our judgment!

Before you ask, we aren't paid by the companies to do this. If a company gives us a copy of their game to review, even though we are really grateful to get the chance to play it for free, if we don't like it, we won't give it a good review. We like to see it as constructive criticism and actually as if we are doing a bit of a favor for the makers!

We don't just review games we also get to review all of the new consoles when they come out! Yes that is right, we got to play on the PS2 and the Xbox before all of you did! We gave them fantastic reviews and of course, we were right!


So if you are a keen gamer and want to be in on the latest news and updates, check out our site and never miss a beat!